New Story In Futro Magazine 2.2


“I’m gripping the wheel of my fluorescent green Lamborghini so tight I feel my knuckles going white under these eel-skin driving gloves. I’m yoking all twelve cylinders, whipping the thing across busy lanes of traffic like a misshapen and potentially suicidal tennis ball. It’s early summer. Wimbledon season…”

I’m happy and honored to be included in the latest magazine from local Portland independent hip-hop label/media monster Futro Records’ magazine. You can get an actual physical copy of this most excellent magazine at Futro Records. My story is about a freelance semiotician racing his Lamborghini against LA traffic in order to save Justin Bieber from taking the directions on a shampoo bottle too literally and thus ruining his hair/life. I know, right?


About Eli Hopkins <<<--- sex of the meeting on 1 sex twice sexy young girls are waiting for you here.


  1. Nena

    Ccongrats my Eli and a belated birthday wish also. At 91, I am beginning to be a bit forgetful. Love you

  2. Mike

    Tennis balls are certainly suicidal. If only Zelda knew…

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